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Ridingtrousers "ZIPP" Light-Softshell

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Our ridingtrousers "ZIPP" with kneeleather out of lightweight & thin... more

Our ridingtrousers "ZIPP" with kneeleather out of lightweight & thin softshell-material.

Because of the softshell this trousers are breathable, but also wind- and waterrepellent.

These trousers are perfect for the whole year!

A maximum functionality is given by the zippers at the legs and the pocket.

These trousers are available in two lenghts: Regular (R) and Long (L). The version L+5 is even 5 cm longer.

Find the right size and use our Size Chart.


Material: 49% Polyester | 30% Polyamide | 12% Polyurethane | 9% Elastane

Washing-Advise: 30°C | don't tumble dry | no fabric softener | iron lightly


Please note that our Softshell breeches should not be bought too small. If the ridingtrousers are too small and the material is constantly under strong tension, the life of the breeches will be reduced. So in order to have as much fun as possible with your softshell breeches, you should pay attention to the correct fit.

When trying on your breeches, please make sure that they are not too tight and that you do not feel any strong pulling or tension. Especially in the crotch area the breeches have to withstand high loads, because here the friction on the saddle is at the highest level. If the breeches are too tight at this point, the material is permanently overstretched, which can increase the friction even more and shorten the life of your Softshell breeches.
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